If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far,
Go Together

Along the way in establishing this unique platform, this initiative has formed a team that does a lot of work behind the scenes. Everyone who supports our goal and mission, we invite them to be part of our platform together with Marcel, Cindy, Syenne, Ecem and Hisol.

Together we want to improve the quality of life.
We would like to make the society aware that the health that “you and I” have is not so self-evident for everyone. That a treatment in the hospital is not just “a moment” and that enjoying and having fun in life should be accessible to everyone.

For this purpose we give our free time to realize this goal, together with you.
We want to increase awareness of our goal through events, conferences and symposiums. The personal conversations with specialists and hospitals contribute to noticable changes in improving healthcare. By comparing the perspective of the doctor and the patient, we can discuss how care can be taken to an even higher level.

Doctor, specialist, sponsor and volunteer can make the differene to improve the quality of life for patients with rare diseases.

Team PowerOfReflection.com
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