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Fear- & pain-free treatment

The foundation for significant changes. Together, we form the strength for a less traumatic experience. Anxiety- and pain-free treatments, including non-pharmacological approaches, and effective medication for rare conditions.

Much can still be gained in the field of 'pain strategy.' Treatment is more than a snapshot and leaves a 'scar' for the rest of life. The brain determines the processing of trauma. What can we improve in our approach by better utilizing the resources and opportunities that already exist?

At all levels, healthcare professionals can have more awareness and attention to the aspect of 'pain' and everything that stems from it, including anxiety or even traumas, in their thinking and actions.

On average, 1.4 million children and young adults are treated in hospitals each year. Procedures such as blood tests, inserting IVs, or removing stitches are often performed without prior care or pain management.

Thank you dr. P.L.J.M. Leroy for sharing the knowledge of the Pediatric Intensivist to raise awareness of the current situations.)

Let's realize how many consequences this can have. We want to make people better, but sometimes overlook the importance of the journey towards that goal. Effective medication is developed when it yields sufficient financial returns. To date, there is no effective medication for collagen-related connective tissue disorders. As a result, these children have to endure a lot from a young age. With this platform, we aim to increase awareness of the unnecessary psychological and physical damage caused by this. Therefore, we also emphasize the importance of scientific research that looks beyond financial returns.

Research into effective medication for collagen-related connective tissue disorders, because quality of life is a top priority.

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