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Multidisciplinary, because a patient deals with more than one discipline in a rare condition.
Together, we are the force for a less traumatic experience.

Health institutions and the associated Pyramid of competences, responsibilities and powers together form the foundation for major change. If you want to be part of this foundation, please send us a message.


The medics and paramedics who have already signed up to work together to achieve improvements in quality of life.(*) Multidisciplinary procedural sedation, including non-drug treatments, anxiety and pain-free treatments and scientific studies into cures.

Prof. Dr. R.A. Bank

Ms. drs. E.C.M. Bouvy-Berends

Dr. N. Bravenboer

Drs. V.N.A. Breeveld-Dwarkasing

Dr. M.A. Créton

Dr. E.M.W. Eekhoff

Drs. F.L. van Erp Taalman Kip

Prof. Dr. R. de Groot

Dr. H.I. Korkmaz

Drs. W.D. Lubbers

Dr. D. Micha

Dr. G. Pals

Prof. Dr. G.A.P.J.M. Rongen

Prof. Dr. F.J. Vermolen

Prof. Dr. S.N. de Wildt

Prof. Dr. M.C. Zillikens

Prof. Dr. P.P.M. van Zuijlen


(*) To protect privacy, all contacts will be through the founders themselves. No one else will be appointed to speak on behalf of the platform unless this has been personally discussed with the person concerned.

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