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Every little bit helps, every euro is spent on the purpose and mission of this platform. With your donation, you contribute to:

  • support for children with Collagen Connective Tissue Disorder and their parents
  • better application for anxiety- and pain-free treatments
  • tangible improvement in quality of life
I want to help out!
Media Power Of

"My motivation is simple: I believe in the power of unity and the ability to change lives together. We want to create a movement of empowerment that goes beyond the boundaries of individual gyms and disciplines. Participation in this project is not just a sporting challenge, but an opportunity to collectively contribute to positive change."

Ecem Yuksel

"Today started preparations for the CPC run on 10 March in The Hague. I will be running a half marathon there, but not just for myself. I have decided to link running with a good cause. Ecem Yuksel, karateka at Budokai Vleesenbeek and also instructor of the kata selection there, has motivated me to run for Power of Reflection. This platform aims to support children with rare diseases and their parents, better application for anxiety- and pain-free treatment and a concrete improvement in quality of life. For more info, you can of course visit Power of Reflection's site. In the coming months, I will be looking for people to sponsor me for this great cause. I am looking forward to it."

Jeroen van der Molen
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