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Multidisciplinair, because a patient needs more than one discipline for their treatments.
Together, we can share knowledge and join forces for a less traumatic experience.

The health institutions and the accompanying pyramid of
expertise, responsibilities and authorities together are the foundation for major changes.
We invite you to be part of this fundament, please send us a message.


Collaboration for an appreciative inquiry to improve the quality of life for rare diseases.

Thanks to the professors, doctors and specialists who have already signed up.

This platform is multidisciplinary. Your knowledge helps us to make a positive impact.

If you would like to join us in achieving anxiety and pain-free treatment, we would also welcome your submission to this platform.

Power of Reflection Multidisciplinair Samenwerken
Power of Reflection Multidisciplinair Samenwerken
Power of Reflection Multidisciplinair Samenwerken Erasmus
Power of Reflection Multidisciplinair Samenwerken JKZ
RadboudUMC PowerOfReflection SophiaKinderziekenhuis
umc utrecht power of reflection brandwondencentrumBeverwijk


The medical and paramedical professionals who are willing to make an impact in improving the quality of life. (*)
Improve multidisciplinary procedural sedation, including non-drug treatments, anxiety and painfree treatments and fundamental research:

Prof. Dr. R.A. Bank

Ms. drs. E.C.M. Bouvy-Berends

Dr. N. Bravenboer

Drs. V.N.A. Breeveld-Dwarkasing

Dr. M.A. Créton

Dr. E.M.W. Eekhoff

Drs. F.L. van Erp Taalman Kip

Prof. Dr. R. de Groot

Dr. H.I. Korkmaz

Drs. W.D. Lubbers

Dr. D. Micha

Dr. G. Pals

Prof. Dr. G.A.P.J.M. Rongen

Prof. Dr. S.N. de Wildt

Prof. Dr. M.C. Zillikens

(*) To protect the privacy, all contacts will be directly with the founders themselves. No one else will  contact members on behalf of the platform, unless this has been discussed in person with the person concerned.

Thank you for participating this platform and sharing knowledge to improve anxiety and pain-free treatments, multidisciplinary

We are looking forward to receive your completed form.

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    Improving the quality of life with noticable results. In care and in treatment, taking into account the emotions and experience of the patient.

    Together, we are a great support for anxiety and pain-free treatment, from hospitalization to diagnosis to treatment.
    Let this be an inspiration for many hospitals and patients in the Netherlands.

    Become a member of the platform “Power of Reflection” and be a member in this success. For the first time in the Netherlands, various disciplines, specialists and departments of hospitals and ambulance services will work side by side with experience experts, taking all aspects into account.

    Appreciative Inquiry:

    Collaboration for pain en anxiety-free treatments.

    Collaboration for less traumas.

    Collaboration to improve quality of life.

    Multidisciplinair makes the impact!

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