"Reflection is the power

to make something

greater than good."

(Quote Cindy de Groot-Wan)

To improve quality of life with noticable results.


Together we support anxiety and pain-free treatments from hospitalization to diagnosis to treatment. Multidisciplinary, because a patient with a rare disease needs more than one discipline.

Together we can improve less traumatic experiences.


Doctors and specialists are invaluable.

Lives are saved. Diseases are cured and fundamental studies to improve life are being done.


Improving the quality of life with noticable results.

To enjoy life

Power of Reflection
is started!


Together to improve noticable results.

Together for adequate medication.
Together for anxiety and pain-free treatments.
Together for less trauma.

Together for a better quality of life.

Multidisciplinary is the key!

Bridge Power Of Reflection
Our goal is: noticable improvement for a better quality of life for all children with a rare disease.

Adequate medicines, anxiety and pain-free treatments ánd to have the possibility to enjoy life.

Our purposes:
– Adequate pain and anxiety-free treatments
– Scientific research for adequate medicines
– Enjoy life & Wheelchair accessible!
=> Because everyone should be able to enjoy life!
=> You are not the disease, you happen to have the disease.

We would like to join forces with all organisations who have the same purposes as our platform.
We can be even more effective together to make noticeable changes.
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