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For creating opportunities for all people with a rare condition to be able to fully enjoy life.



Effective Medication

That’s how it should be, but unfortunately not for people with a collagen connective tissue disorder. Brittle bones, hypermobility, muscle tears, and severe scars from burns or surgeries are just a few consequences.

We advocate for more research into effective medication.

Fear- & Pain-Free

Together, we create a broad foundation for anxiety- and pain-free treatments from admission to diagnosis to treatment. Non-pharmacological treatments are more than just a snapshot. On a multidisciplinary level, because a patient deals with more than one discipline in the case of a rare condition.

Together, we are the force for less traumatic experiences.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Enjoying a life that is wheelchair accessible. Open-minded organizations are the starting point for equal participation in society.

Participation and the right to enjoy life are fundamental for every individual.


Every little bit helps. Every euro is dedicated to the goal and mission of this platform. With your donation, you contribute to:

  • Support for children with a rare condition and their parents
  • Enhancement of applications for anxiety- and pain-free treatments
  • Improvement of wheelchair accessibility in society
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