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Open-minded organizations are the start for equal participation in society.

Are you the mall, organization or business that considers wheelchair accessibility very normal? Then we would like to meet you and (re)communicate this by giving you our unique sticker. Once not a prohibition sticker but a recognition of the possibilities and open-mindedness you offer! An advertisement on this page is also within the possibilities, if desired.


Sticker Vrijheid op Wielen

Everyone walks their own way. It is the same diversity as people who move around in a wheelchair. 

From sneakers to boots from platform soles to stiletto heels. Each has its own skills and comfort.

This diversity is also true for people who “walks” by their wheelchair.

We appreciate the organizations that achieve equal participation.

Zoetermeer Stadshart heeft VrijheidOpWielen PowerOfReflection

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances will the Power of Reflection Foundation, the open-minded organizations that create opportunities for freedom on wheels and our other relations who make these opportunities available, be held liable in any way for any direct or indirect damage resulting from – or in connection with – the application of the opportunities offered. Any use and action on this is entirely at your own risk and responsibility. Any damage suffered is entirely at your own expense.

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